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The David Blight School of Dance offers classes in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Hip-Hop, Lyrical and Novelty. Private instruction is available in each one of these studies. Schedules are setup to accommodate beginner through professional levels for both children and adult. For beginner, intermediate and preschoolers, we offer combination classes. These 45 minute classes are offered in Tap & Jazz or Ballet & Gymnastics. For adults interested in taking a dance class for fun and exercise, we offer an adult tap class.

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What To Wear

It is very important for dance students to be dressed in appropriate dance attire so that teachers can observe body placement. For private, duo/trio and combination classes, bodysuits and tights are required. (Any color or style is permissible.)

Young Ladies are required to pull their hair into a neatly secured bun at all times. Young men should wear sweats or shorts for dance class.

Dance shoes should be fitted and not purchased in advanced. Please discuss the exact type dance shoes needed with your child's dance teacher.

Show Off

We at the David Blight School of Dance love to show-off all our students. Throughout the year, We do many hospital, nursing homes, fairs, schools and community shows.

Our Annual Recital is June and dates for our recital will be posted on the studio calander. Performing in and above anything else smile and have fun!


Parents are invited to observe their child's progress on a monthly basis. Parents will be invited in the last ten minutes of regularly scheduled classes according to the following schedule:

Combination classes: 1st week of each month

Competition Classes: 2nd week of each month


Competition classes are available, by audition, for students four years of age and older. At no time in your study of dance is it mandatory to join the competition program.

Our competition "lines" require students to take one hour of Ballet and one hour of competition class per week. They attend two competitions per year, neither of which requires an overnight hotel stay. The competition "groups" are part of an accelerated ballet program, one hour of competition classes, gymnastics and a minimun of one private lesson per week. These "groups" also travel to several competitions and do many shows throughout the year. Competition "group" and "line" students are required to take lessons throughout the entire year.

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